End-of-Year Fundraiser
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Help us Reach our Goal!

RIM needs to raise $15,000 +.
Together we can do it!

Your financial support helps Rooted In Mindfulness continue on its mission to co-create a safe refuge for learning, practicing and mindful living.
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RIM is a living expression of collective generosity.

RIM is 100% funded by the kindness and generosity of its friends and community. You and other members of the RIM community have been so generous. It's beautiful and inspiring to know how much this community means to one another.

Your financial contributions help RIM pay for the real operational obligations all organizations have, such as the center's rent, utilities, supplies, materials, legal and operating fees, technology expenses related to in-person and virtual offerings, community support, outreach programs, and so much more.

RIM, like many other non-profit organizations, is still facing financial challenges due to these unstable times. Please help us continue our work with your presence, your commitment to practice and community, and your financial gift. Any amount raised beyond the $15,000 goal will help replenish our reserves.

Rooted In Mindfulness is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-for-profit. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Your contributions are essential for the vitality and sustainability of our community. Please make your contribution today.