Rooted In

A Community Meditation Center dedicated to providing a refuge for all who wish to bring greater wisdom, compassion, and well-being into their lives and the world.

Our Vision

To support the learning and practice of mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion. To benefit the everyday lives of individuals and our global community.

Our Mission

To increase our human capacity to be fully awake to our lives and live in ways that cultivate goodness, reduce harm and benefit everyone.

Tradition and Approach

Rooted In Mindfulness is a Community Insight Meditation Center committed to sharing the essence of Buddhist wisdom in ways that are universal, relevant, informed by modern science, free of dogma, and appropriate for everyone.

Community As Refuge

Every aspect of Rooted In Mindfulness is co-created by the kindness, good will, and generosity of its community.

A true refuge is safe and supportive. It is a place where we can connect with others and cultivate our shared human goodness.

Diversity is beautiful.

While Rooted In Mindfulness is inspired and informed by Buddhist wisdom, its approach and teachings are universal.

RIM includes people from all backgrounds who come together to support the best in each other. More diversity is not only welcome; it's essential to make our community healthy and whole.

Everyone who wishes to cultivate greater wisdom, compassion, and lives in ways that benefit themselves and the world is embraced.

Diversity is beautiful. Please, come as you are.

Rooted In Mindfulness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

"You need a sangha; you need a brother or sister, or friend to remind you what you already know. The Dharma is in you, but it needs to be watered in order to manifest and become a reality."
- Thich Nhat Hanh