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Rooted In Mindfulness


Lesson 9



I developed this acronym to provide a tool for meeting difficult moments that arises in formal meditation practice or in everyday life.

Note: These are rough notes. A future class will explore each element of C.A.R.E. more fully.


  • CALM: Take a breath. Invite ease in your heart, mind, and body. Restlessness and excessive mental energy tend toward reactivity.
  • COLLECT / CONCENTRATE: Your heart, thinking mind, and body may feel scattered, fragmented, and disconnected - this is common - invite yourself to become more whole.
  • CONNECT: Inviting yourself to reconnect to the moment.


  • AWARE: Tune into how you are in this moment more fully - both internally and externally. What does your body-state feel like, your heart-state, your mind-state. What is the momentum of who you are - right now?
  • ACCEPT: The awareness you are bringing to yourself is non-judgmental, allowing, and accepting. This is how things are for you - internally and externally. Mindfulness allows you to see how you actually are. This seeing allows you to see your patterns, etc.
  • ATTEND: Try to be present with our experience with curiosity and intentionality. Apply your attentional energies to how you are with kindness and compassion.


  • REMEMBER: To re-member your deeper intentionality. Reactivity often causes a  forgetting of what is most important.
  • REFLECT: To allow the spirit of your deeper intentionality to illuminate your present moment experience. What is meaningful; purposeful. This relates to clear knowing.
  • REFOCUS: To realign your intention to meet your current causes and conditions. To adjust your focus to the freshness of this moment.


  • EMBODY: Allowing whatever amount of realized calm and purpose to integrate with how you are right now. In this time and place.
  • ENGAGE: After this pause, you can proceed as as best as you are able. Act with less reactivity, more presence, awareness, and intentionality - CHOICE.
  • EVOLVE: Because you took this time step outside of your normal conditioning, you planted the seeds for future conditioning.
(c) Copyright Jesse Foy

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