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Rooted In Mindfulness is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is supported by the generosity, goodwill, and cooperative support of its community - people like you!

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Traditionally, generosity is called "Dana." It's considered an essential guiding virtue and it is at the heart of RIM. When you participate in Dana, you are continuing this traditional practice of selfless generosity and care.

Please consider giving a onetime or recurring donation today. Thank you on behalf of everyone who benefits from the merit of your generosity.

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Were does your financial support go?

Your financial support helps pay for the center’s expenses and administrative costs, provides teacher livelihood, and maintains the center’s physical building.

Your support also allows RIM to offer its programs freely and provide a  refuge where people come to learn, practice, and do their part to co-create a wiser, kinder, and healthier world.