Supporting Community


Your kindness and generosity is truly appreciated.

Rooted In Mindfulness offers itself as a community refuge where people come to learn, practice, and do their part to co-create a wiser, kinder, and healthier world. In turn, RIM is supported by the kindness and gratitude of people like you.

Your financial support, along with other kind contributions, help pay for the center’s expenses and administrative costs, providing teacher livelihood, maintaining the center’s physical building, and ensuring the longevity and growth of RIM.

Rooted In Mindfulness is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

General Donations

We invite you to help support RIM to strengthen and grow its ability to care for a community of learning and practice. We need your help in co-creating a happy and healthy world.

General donations are undesignated. If you would like to donate to drop-ins or become a Monthly Benefactor, please see below.

Drop-In Donations

Although Drop-in donations are not required, we budget hoping that people donate an average of $10 for each drop-in session they attend. Drop-ins and other program donations support half of RIM’s operational costs.

Please consider setting up regularly occurring Drop-in donations.

Benefactor Donations

Monthly Benefactors are members of the RIM community who sign up to make scheduled financial contributions. These donations are above and beyond the donations specifically associated with participation in drop-ins, classes, retreats, and other RIM programs.

Benefactor generosity provides a consistent and sustainable source of financial security for RIM.
In addition to helping pay the bills, it allows RIM to grow and conduct outreach to promote health and well-being within our greater community.

Ideally, benefactor giving provides half or more of RIM's income.

Thank you on behalf of everyone who benefits from the merit of your benefactorship.

"Giving brings happiness in every state of its expression. We experience joy in the forming of the intention to be generous; we experience joy in the actual act of giving something; and we experience joy in remembering the fact that we have given."
- Buddha