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Kalyana Mitta Groups

Connect with others to deepen your learning, practice, shared interests, affinity connections, engaged mindfulness, and grow spiritual friendships.

About Kalyana Mitta Groups

Kalyana Mitta (spiritual friends) groups allow RIM community members to connect with others in a safe, friendly, supportive setting. These groups are invaluable to studying the dharma, sharing mindfulness and meditation experiences, and finding an affinity around a shared interest or common goal.

Each Kalyana Mitta group observes suggested guidelines that grew out of the experience of groups at RIM and other dharma centers. This format assures the integrity of each group, aligns them with RIM's vision and mission while still encouraging the flexibility to meet its members' unique needs.

We encourage any member of RIM to join or start a Kalyana Mitta group to support their learning, practice, integrate mindfulness into daily life, and form meaningful and supportive friendships.

Looking for a Kalyana Mitta Group?

Are you interested in joining a Kalyana Mitta group at Rooted In Mindfulness? Explore current groups:

Don't see a group that fits your needs? Please, let us know. Suggest a Kalyana Mitta group or learn how to start a new one.