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Mindful Inquiry: Three Deep Questions

What brought you here? How are you? What is needed?

Asking and Listening Deeply

We are our own closest companion. We are with ourself throughout our entire life. Yet, we can become disconnected from a more essential part of who we are, This deeper part of ourself needs to be heard, understood, and protected. Mindful Living is an invitation to live in a way that is more connected to our whole being and the world we live in.

The three Questions:

  1. What Brought you here?
    We are  continuously arriving. No matter where we find ourself — within any given moment — it is the result of a vast and interconnected web of cause-and-effect. Our thoughts, our feelings, our body, our actions, our life circumstances have all created this unique time and place. Tune in, as frequently as you can, and ask yourself; "What brought me here?" This  question allows you to be more aware of any conditions, habits, and choices that have co-created this moment of you - here, now.
  2. How are you?
    Right now, you are feeling, thinking, and acting, etc., in a particular way. Bring an open awareness to how you are. Pay attention to the activities of your body, heart, mind, and that deeper part of you — an "inner voice." Try not to judge yourself or the circumstances that you find yourself in. Listen with generosity and a willingness to understand more fully. This is an act of generosity. A willingness to let go of habitual energy and forgetfulness. That deeper part of yourself longs to be witnessed and heard. Can you feel the gratitude when this connection has been made? No matter if you feel pleasant or unpleasant. This caring connection allows for understanding, healing, and growth.
  3. What is needed?
    Wisdom allows us to see how things are. How we are. When we see more clearly, we are more able to understand what is needed. With a compassionate heart, listen and feel deeply. What does that deeper part of ourself need? Most of the time, this is an ongoing inquiry. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself the grace required to let things unfold. But respond as best as you are able, when you are able.
"We shall not cease from our exploration ~ And the end of all our exploring ~ Will be to arrive where we started ~ And know the place for the first time."
- T. S. Eliot