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Taking C.A.R.E.

Meditation and mindful living allow us to better understand and take care of ourselves and others.

The C.A.R.E Model (short version)

The take C.A.R.E. model is a convenient way to remember some of the most important skills of practice. This model can be used in formal meditation practice and throughout your everyday life.

C = Calm

Restlessness in the body, excessive mental energy, and emotional disquietude co-arise with reactivity. When you notice restlessness or agitation, try to establish greater relaxation in your body, tranquility in your mind, and ease in your heart. Slow down, relax, and breathe.

When you have a calmer body, heart, and mind, you are more able to be collected and connected. An agitated mind tends to get lost within reactive thoughts, emotions, and activities. When this happens, we can become disconnected, from what is most important and healthy.

A = Aware

Throughout your day, purposely bring a present moment awareness to the activity of your body, heart, mind, and environment. Try your best to bring a kind, non-judgmental, and allowing attitude to your awareness. Try not to become enchanted by your preferences, judgments, and reactivity. If you want to understand your mind and life, you need to see your mind your life — as just as it is. Mindful awareness allows you to see how things as they actually are. Mindful awareness is the precursor to wisdom, understanding, happiness, and well-being.

Try your best to put mindfulness in the front of your conscious experience  throughout your entire day. When you forget, pause and take a breath. And simply bring mindfulness back into the front of your experience.

R = Remember

Sometimes mindfulness is translated as "To Remember." To remember to be present. Mindfulness allows you to live in accordance with your deeper values and intentions; helping you stay connected to what most important and good. It's important to keep your inner values in the front of your heart and mind — not forgetting through habit energy and reactivity.

Throughout your day, contemplate; are your thoughts, words, and actions reflecting your greater intentions? Allow your deeper intentions to illuminate your current state of mind, heart, and activity whenever possible. Discern how your current state is healthy and beneficial to yourself and others — or not ;)

When you are mindful, you are more able to regulate your frame of mind in ways that bring your current intentions into alignment with your deeper intentions.  

E = Embody

We are cultivating wisdom and compassion in order to live with with health, resilience, well-being, and goodness. We are becoming healthier in our body, heart, mind, and activities. Try your best to embody your wise and compassionate intentions.

As best as you can, engage with your embodied intentionality. Bring your practice to life. Act with less reactivity and more presence, wisdom, and goodness. Let your actions reflect your compassion and understanding.

By being more mindful and responding intentionally, you are transcending reactive patterns of conditioning and cultivating a mind and life that is healthier, stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.

“Within all beings there is the seed of perfection. However, compassion is required in order to activate that seed which is inherent in our hearts and minds....”
― The Dalai Lama