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Rooted In Mindfulness

Supporting Others Through Authenticity, Understanding, and Friendship

Mindful Mentor Support Program

About the Mindful mentor Program


The Mindful Mentor Support Program (MMSP) is for those who feel called to deepen their practice and share the benefits of meditation and mindfulness with others. The program emphasizes sharing from our integrity, authenticity, humility, proficiency, and sincere intentions to benefit others.

MMSP is inspired by what is called in Pali, Kalyana Mitta, or "Good and Supportive Friend." A Kalyana Mitta is one who offers friendship and support to someone who is walking a shared path. Good friends are precious and truly helpful for those of us on the path of mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion.

The willingness to be a "Good Friend" to others is a beautiful expression of kindness, generosity, and skillfulness. The MMSP honors this intention and provides a contemplative education and experiential training into the heart of traditional teachings and practices, modern mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) approaches, and formal meditation training.


The MMSP supports anyone who wishes to deepen their meditation practice and understanding of mindfulness for their benefit and the benefit of others.

The MMSP will prepare participants to confidently introduce others to formal meditation practice and mindful living within a variety of contexts and settings. For example, healing professionals can integrate mindfulness into their practice, teachers can promote more mindful classrooms, and business leaders can bring mindfulness to organizations and workplaces, etc.

Additionally, as the Rooted In Mindfulness community grows, so too will the need to have authentic and skillful mentors and supportive friends. Participants would be more prepared to support our community through their experience and authenticity, teach introduction to mindfulness courses, facilitate Drop-In practice sessions, lead Kalyana Mitta groups, and through other mindfulness-based offerings.

This program is appropriate for anyone who wishes to deepen their personal practice for the benefit of themselves and others.


The MMSP curriculum is highly participatory, in-depth and supportive. The curriculum involves 400 hours of training to be completed over 18 months. The program is designed to provide participants the opportunity to learn through continued contemplative education, personal practice, and community.

Upon completion of the program requisites, participants will receive a certificate of completion stating that they have demonstrated a deep commitment to mindfulness study and practice, as well as in-depth training in sharing mindfulness with others with authenticity and skillfulness.


  • Formal Meditation and Mindfulness Training: We draw from the knowledge that we have acquired from our experience. It is essential to have a dedicated personal mindfulness meditation practice if we intend to support others with their own. The MSP provides support for further establishing and deepening personal meditation practice.
  • Dharma Study and Contemplation: Participants will thoroughly explore the essential Dharma, which is at the heart of all Buddhist traditions and informs all contemporary mindfulness-based approaches. The essential Dharma is universal. These teachings are presented in ways that are secular, relevant, and useful to everyone.
  • Interpersonal Mindfulness and Mentor Skill Training: The MMSP explores how to be truly present with others through traditional and modern mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) approaches. The MMSP explores specific skills needed to present mindfulness to others in ways that best support their individual practice, learning, self-discovery, and growth.
  • Community Support: MMSP is a community driven program where participants support one another's intentions to learn and share mindfulness with others through dialogue, group learning, and companionship. Participants will be immersed and fully engaged in the ongoing MMSP community as well as the greater Rooted In Mindfulness Sangha.

Please Note:

This Program is Full / Closed.

This intensive and meaningful, 18-month program has already begun. Rooted In Mindfulness is greatly appreciative for everyone who is currently participating. Your dedication to learning and practice for both yourself and others is a precious gift. Thank you.

Upcoming Workshops For Current MMSP Participants

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