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Live Online Meditation Sessions

Practicing Together

Meditate with others online. During this time of physical distancing, it's good to have a friendly place to support your learning and practice.

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Weekly 'Practicing Together' Schedule

Each practice session is unique, providing a dedicated time for practicing and learning.
Everyone is welcome; new as well as experienced practitioners alike.

What is Needed to Attend?

• A Quiet Environment
• A Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone
• The Zoom App (New to Zoom?)
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Monday AM

9:30 - 10:30 (CST)

Tuesday AM

9:30 - 10:30 (CST)

Tuesday PM

6:30 - 7:30 (CST)

Saturday AM

9:30 - 10:30 (CST)

'Practicing Together'


Meditation is like exercise for the heart and mind. It’s good to have a steady meditation practice. These practice sessions help us connect to the precious moments that make up our life — helping us live with greater wisdom, compassion, well-being, and freedom.

What to Expect

During each session, we will meditate together, focusing on a specific technique to strengthen our practice. We will also explore teachings that draw on traditional wisdom and modern science — to deepen our meditation practice and live with greater mindfulness.

A Typical Session Flow

  1. Pre-Session (please arrive at least 5 minutes early)
    Join the meeting anytime within the 30 minutes before it starts. This will allow you an opportunity to be with community, familiarize yourself with this virtual space, and get technical support from a RIM host.
  2. Session Begins (5 minutes)
    We begin with a short "drop-in" to help settle the mind, open the heart, and become more present. (During this time, we'll mute everyone's microphone to minimize background noise).
  3. Teachings & Instructions (10 minutes)
    Each session offers traditional teachings and instructions related to deepening meditation practice, and living with greater mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion. (Everyone’s microphones will automatically stay muted during this part as well).
  4. Guided Meditation (30 minutes)
    An exploration into the session’s weekly topic — related to meditation practice and mindful living. (Everyone’s microphones will still be muted).
  5. Questions & Dialogue (10 minutes)
    The teacher will open the session up for questions and comments anyone may have about the meditation experience or the session's teachings. We will unmute everyone’s microphones during this time, so feel free to just speak up (you can mute your microphone again if you like). When you speak, it can help to say your name just so we know who is talking.
  6. Goodbyes :)

Help Support RIM

Rooted In Mindfulness is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is supported by the generosity, goodwill, and cooperative support of its community - people like you!

Traditionally, generosity is called "Dana." It's considered an essential guiding virtue and it is at the heart of RIM. When you participate in Dana, you are continuing this traditional practice of selfless generosity and care.

Please consider giving a onetime or recurring donation today. Thank you on behalf of everyone who benefits from the merit of your generosity.

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Were does your financial support go?

Your financial support helps pay for the center’s expenses and administrative costs, provides teacher livelihood, and maintains the center’s physical building.

Your support also allows RIM to offer its programs freely and provide a  refuge where people come to learn, practice, and do their part to co-create a wiser, kinder, and healthier world.