Extended Registration Opportunity!

The response for this retreat was enthusiastic. After making a couple of announcements during drop-in sessions, all overnight accommodations at the Monastery filled up immediately.

Good news! We were able to reserve 10 rooms at the nearby Fairfield Inn for a discounted rate.

Would you like to engage in an ongoing and in-depth exploration into the essence of traditional Buddhist teachings and practices with friends on the path?

"Living the Dharma," which is shorthand for living with great wisdom and compassion. The Dharma supports self-understanding and our ability to cultivate our heart-mind-life in a way that frees us from perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that hinder our capacity to live with true health, well-being, understanding, and compassion.

This group meets once per week and explores essential dharma topics in an unfolding yet integrated way. We take time with a set of teachings and explore them until we are ready to move onto another dharma subject.

In addition to our time learning, practicing, and sharing, we take these practices into our daily routine and everyday life.

We ask that members of this group are committed to learning, practice, and mindful living.

If you are interested, you are welcome to join us. This group is appropriate for dedicated beginners and experienced folks alike. It is a safe and welcoming group. Please register to participate.

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What is Dana and how is it practiced at RIM?

Offering Details

Every Thursday Morning
9:30-10:30 AM
Online (Zoom)

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