A 4-Week Course

Mindfulness &

Discover how mindfulness and self-compassion can elevate our happiness and health while keeping us connected to everyone we care for and love.

When we get caught up in the momentum of all the "doings" of our daily lives, we can become indifferent to our own need for self-care. Our constant effort to support others often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and unable to attend to our well-being.

Cultivating a self-compassion practice can shore up our resilience to benefit ourselves and those we love.

Please join us as we share the joys and challenges surrounding this newly emerging field of mindful Self-Compassion.

This workshop is for those who are curious and new to mindful Self-Compassion as well as those yearning to deepen their practice. All are welcome!

We meet

4 Saturdays

Class 1: February 2
Class 2: February 9
Class 3: February 16
Class 4: February 23
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Amy Gardner
Anne Repaci
LoriLee Villwock
Cindy Katz
$80 (Proceeds support offerings like this at RIM).
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"Self-compassion is a gift available to anyone willing to open up to themselves. When we develop the habit of self-kindness, suffering becomes an opportunity to experience love and tenderness from within."
- Kristin Neff