Extended Registration Opportunity!

The response for this retreat was enthusiastic. After making a couple of announcements during drop-in sessions, all overnight accommodations at the Monastery filled up immediately.

Good news! We were able to reserve 10 rooms at the nearby Fairfield Inn for a discounted rate.

Traditionally, the cultivation of a kind, open, loving, and appreciative heart is essential and immeasurably beneficial to the well-being of oneself and the world.

Modern science recognizes how mature Heartfulness promotes and reflects mental health and emotional well-being.

Awakening the Heart Drop-Ins provide ongoing support for the cultivation of Heartfulness through meditation practices, traditional teachings, and community support. Everyone is welcome.

Facilitated by:


What is the typical class format?
How do I financially support RIM teachers and programs?
What is Dana and how is it practiced at RIM?

Offering Details

Every Monday Morning
9:30-10:30 AM
Online (Zoom)

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