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Practicing Dana at RIM

We invite everyone who participates at RIM to practice generosity (Dana). For many within our culture, Dana can be a challenging practice. Many ask for advice on how to practice financial dana at a center like RIM.

Consider the following points when practicing financial Dana:

  • All programs are offered freely. You are not obligated to donate to any program. Your participation, practice, and friendship are already a radical act of generosity.
  • RIM is 100% community funded and is entirely dependent on donations. Donations pay for all operating costs, contribute to teacher livelihood, and maintain its building.
  • When giving financial support, consider your needs and the needs of others.
  • Give what feels right for yourself and the community that RIM supports.
  • Most people give $5-$20 per session.
  • Consider becoming a monthly benefactor with a recurring donation; determine your donation by reflecting on the above considerations and RIM's value for yourself and others.

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First Saturday of Each Month
9:00-9:20 AM
Online (Zoom)
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