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A Typical Session Flow

Pre-Session (Optional)

Meetings open 5 minutes before the session starts to allow you to settle in and be with the community. Technical support is also available from a RIM host if needed.

Opening Bells & Meditation (10 minutes)

We begin with a short "drop-in" meditation to help relax the body, settle the mind, open the heart, and become more present. During meditation time, everyone's microphone is muted to minimize background noise.

Teachings & Instructions (10 minutes)

Each session offers traditional teachings and instructions related to developing a skillful meditation and mindful living practice.

Guided Meditation (25 minutes)

The guided meditation supports insight and integration of the session's teachings and instructions.

Optional Questions & Dialogue Time (15 minutes)

After the meditation, the teacher will open the session for questions and comments anyone may have related to the meditation experience and the session's teachings.  We invite everyone at RIM to practice Mindful Communication →.

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Each Wednesday Evening
6:30-7:15 PM
Online (Zoom)
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No Registration Required
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Learn About RIM's Generosity-Based Model

Practicing Dana at RIM

We invite everyone who participates at RIM to practice generosity (Dana). For many within our culture, Dana can be a challenging practice. Many ask for advice on how to practice financial dana at a center like RIM.

Consider the following points when practicing financial Dana:

  • All programs are offered freely. You are not obligated to donate to any program. Your participation, practice, and friendship are already a radical act of generosity.
  • RIM is 100% community funded and is entirely dependent on donations. Donations pay for all operating costs, contribute to teacher livelihood, and maintain its building.
  • When giving financial support, consider your needs and the needs of others.
  • Give what feels right for yourself and the community who RIM supports.
  • Most people give $5-$20 per session.
  • Consider becoming a monthly benefactor with a recurring donation; determine your donation by reflecting on the above considerations and RIM's value for yourself and others.

Learn more on RIM's DONATION PAGE.