Rooted In Mindfulness Style Guide

The Rooted In Mindfulness (RIM) Style Guide offers a succinct and user-friendly resource for our volunteers and content creators. It aims to ensure consistent, engaging, and values-aligned written communication that caters to a diverse audience.

RIM's Voice:

Our voice is characterized by compassion, mindfulness, tranquility, and inclusivity. It embodies the Dharma and highlights the transformative power of mindfulness practice for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists.

Tone and Style Guidelines:

Formatting and Typography:

Grammar, Punctuation, and Vocabulary:

Inclusive Language and Visuals:

General Tips:

By adhering to the RIM Style Guide, we can maintain a consistent, engaging, and welcoming brand voice that provides support for our diverse audience.


Supplement: Buddha's Teachings on Wise and Compassionate Speech

This supplement outlines the Buddha's teachings on Wise and Compassionate Speech, offering a foundation for incorporating one's dharma practice into writing. Incorporating these teachings on Wise and Compassionate Speech into our writing allows us to create content that aligns with the Dharma and serves as an extension of our learning and practice while supporting the Rooted In Mindfulness community and beyond.

Right Speech:

Right Speech (Samma Vaca) is an element of the Noble Eightfold Path, guiding practitioners towards awakening, freedom, wisdom, and compassion. The Buddha stressed the importance of wholesome and skillful speech, as our words profoundly affect ourselves and others. Right Speech encompasses four main principles:

Additional Teachings on Wise and Compassionate Speech: