Rooted In Mindfulness


Communication and Marketing 

Communications and Marketing Council


Members of this Council play a vital role in creating a unifying voice of RIM that communicates with authority, integrity, and friendship. 

This Council also develops short-term and long-term plans to sustain and advocate the vision and mission of RIM, educate the public and grow a meaningful and supportive community through social media, our website, print, and other creative avenues and outlets. 


  • Develop a cohesive language style and presentation, including key terms, concepts and definitions for consistent messaging to be applied and carried out in all of RIM’s communications.
  • Write, edit, and develop content materials for use in print marketing, digital applications, online presence, classroom materials, and center literature. Looking for some strong writers and editors to help out with this!
  • Stay current with how the greater topic of mindfulness is being communicated and presented in our local environment, and across society, to apply to RIM’s communications while staying consistent with our message, vision and mission.
  • Develop cohesive branding consistent with RIM’s message to be applied to print, digital and social marketing.
  • Research marketing opportunities and develop a diverse marketing plan.
  • Attend to both internal marketing and communication needs within the RIM community, and outreach marketing to the greater community.


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