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Community Stewardship

Community Stewardship Council


RIM is born out of the intention to be a safe place for learning, healing and growth within a mutually supportive community. Members of this Council become stewards of the sacred container that grows, protects, and cares for the needs of the RIM community and beyond.

This Council keeps a pulse on the state of the RIM community and how to best offer support, ensure a safe and supportive environment, etc.

Additionally, RIM is one collective member within a greater community. This Council fosters meaningful, mutually supportive relationships with other groups and organizations who share the intentions for benefiting individuals and the world.


  • Often times, folks new to RIM are confused about programs and offerings, or how to become a part of the RIM community. The Stewardship Council is tasked with finding ways for welcoming and guiding new folks, making everyone feel comfortable and safe.
  • Protect and maintain the friendly, inclusive and supportive container and integrity of RIM. Keep a pulse on the current environment and discuss ways and means to deepen, grow, and better support the community now and in the future.
  • Keep track of community involvement in programs/classes, participant feedback, and awareness of arising needs.
  • Hear community needs and concerns and discuss ways to adjust and meet them appropriately.
  • Stay abreast of what is needed to keep our physical space appropriate and maintained to meet the needs of RIM’s community.


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