Rooted In Mindfulness

Supporting Community Through Stewardship

The Practice of Generosity


DANA: A Circle of Mutual Support, Generosity, and Good-Will

Dana is a Pali word that means “Generosity of Heart and Mind.” Traditionally, the teachings on mindfulness are considered to be priceless. The practice of Dana is at the heart of RIM. Our programs are offered in the spirit of generosity for all who wish to participate.

RIM is a special place of refuge, where people come to learn, practice, heal, and grow within a supportive community. It is beautiful to know that RIM is 100% co-created by the appreciation and friendship of its generous community.

Generosity as a Practice:

Everyone who participates at RIM is also practicing Dana (Generosity).

Dana is precious in its ability to manifest goodness. It is not about an exchange of services or something to get, rather it is a shared giving and receiving that asks us to let go of those things that are unbeneficial and support those things that are beneficial.

We are inspired to ask ourselves not “What does this cost?” but rather, “How does this practice benefit my life?” and “How can I help?” 

We invite everyone participating at RIM to practice Dana, in ways that feel right for oneself and others. The way that we practice Dana at RIM is through the Stewardship Model as described below.


Stewardship is an expression of Dana, care, and appreciation for the Community. No community can survive without the presence, friendship, generosity, and co-creation of its members. 

1. Presence and Friendship

One of the most precious gifts we can offer to others and ourselves is our presence. There is no community without presence.

2. Financial Stewardship (Donations)

Financial support is needed to support RIM. Although RIM is offered 100% through Dana, the center’s expenses and administrative costs are very real. Financial donations provide teacher livelihood, maintain the center’s physical building, and ensure the longevity and growth of RIM.

How To Donate

3. Volunteerism and Leadership

Community participation through leadership, council membership, and other volunteer activity is essential in upholding the health, integrity, and good spirit of RIM.

Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities