Rooted In Mindfulness

Stewardship Through

Volunteerism and Leadership

Volunteering at RIM


Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Rooted In Mindfulness. RIM is co-created by its wonderful community and volunteerism is essential to the health and vitality of RIM as a whole.

Volunteerism and Leadership roles are reflections of generosity through stewardship, and are wonderful opportunities to become more connected, foster healthy relationships, and contribute in good and meaningful ways.


The commitment of time, energy, and goodwill offered by RIM volunteers are real gifts that benefit the entire community. Volunteer generosity is received with honor and gratitude. RIM strives to support volunteers in ways that respect their available time and energy.

Volunteer Opportunities

It is wonderful to have a pool of caring and supportive people to count on when RIM needs help. Please contact us to let us know what type of things you would like to help with at RIM.