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Diversity makes our community healthier and stronger.
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So does God hold us accountable for the mistakes our parents make? These verses in Exodus seem to say so. And this seems a little harsh, right? It’s one thing to say we are shaped by our parents — we all know that. We inherit things like physical features, health issues, mannerisms, and ways of viewing the world from them. It is clear that who our parents are, and even the choices they make, affect us greatly. But will we really be punished for something our parents did?

Rooted In Mindfulness programs are typically led by the members of the RIM Teaching Council. The RIM Teacher Council members have made a noble pledge to dedicate their learning and practice to not only benefit themselves but to support others with authority, authenticity, and spiritual friendship.

The RIM Teaching Council has the responsibility to steward the vision and integrity of the RIM's education and training programs. All council teachers work under the direction of RIM's Guiding Teacher and with one another to co-create a learning environment of integrity that can best meet the needs of the RIM community.

This is a quote. To be a good person is a very important thing. Mindfulness helps you remember to be a good person.

Each member of the Teaching Council brings their unique perspectives and backgrounds, including years of engaged practice, study, and mindful living. All have an ongoing commitment to personal cultivation and strive to live with wisdom and compassion.

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Each member of the Teaching council commits to attending meditation retreats every year, ongoing professional training, sustained study, and daily meditation, and practice to maintain the continuous self-development needed to share the teachings with a deeper understanding and genuine compassion.

All current Members of the Teaching Council have completed the Mindfulness Mentorship Support Program (MMSP) in 2018, a two+ year program emphasizing sharing mindfulness with humility and proficiency.

Additionally, The RIM Teacher Council promises to adhere to the Teacher Code of Ethics as a means to help prevent causing harm and to promote health and well-being for themselves and others.

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