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Rooted In Mindfulness


Final Project


It is very exciting to know that there is so much willingness and enthusiasm about the final project. Everyone seems to be board! I am so grateful. This project is a wonderful opportunity to deepen and integrate our learning, practice, and community.


I will give a lot more information about the project details soon. For now, here is a broad overview of the project.

●  Create a 4 series (1.5 hour each) Mindfulness course that teaches an applied topic.

●  Associated Dharma 

●  Embed with Practice - experiential component 

●  Utilize MBI standards - Stewardship, Authority, Authenticity, Spiritual Friendship 

●  Apply Scientific Research 

●  Lesson Plans 

Principles to bear in mind as the course curriculum unfolds: 

●  How to hold the learning experience 

●  Meeting the needs of the participant’s understanding and experience. 

Meeting Schedule - consider: 

●  Group meetings to discuss and develop understand of the topic. 

●  Sessions to develop curriculum. 

●  Practice time. 

What’s Next: 

Jesse will choose 8 topics from the MMSP Workshop 9 discussion. MMSPrs will be emailed a “choice ranking” form.

Jesse will select groups.

For those who have already filled out the RSVP, thank you so much! We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to space constraints, RSVP for this community meeting is closed. We do not have any more seats available.

Don't worry, if you could not attend this meeting and would still like to get involved, we would be grateful to hear from you.