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RIM is a 501(c3) non-profit organization. Please keep your receipts for both single and recurring gifts to RIM for tax purposes.


Practicing Mutual Generosity, Support, and Goodwill - Together

As an alternative to a transaction-based economics model, RIM embraces a Generosity-Based approach.

RIM is inspired by the traditional practice of Dana, which means generosity of heart, mind, and action. Dana promotes a healthier, selfless, caring, connected, and grateful world.

It's inspiring that RIM exists through the appreciation, goodwill, and generosity of those inspired to give financial support, volunteer, teach, and support one another.

RIM is 100% community funded and entirely dependent on donations. Donations pay for all operating costs, contribute to teacher livelihood, and maintain its building.

On behalf of all who benefit from your generosity, thank you.

Consider Becoming a Monthly Benefactor

Monthly donations are immensely helpful. They provide reliable support for RIM to provide quality resources to you and other good people.