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Opening our Hearts

Enjoying our Lives

Beautifying our World

Welcome to Rooted In Mindfulness (RIM), a community for all who wish to practice meditation and mindful living, awaken the best within themselves, and co-create a safe and healthy world.

Tradition and Approach

Traditional Wisdom for Everyday Life.

Rooted In Mindfulness is committed to sharing the essence of Buddhist wisdom in ways that are nonsectarian, universal, relevant, informed by modern science, free of dogma, and appropriate for everyone regardless of background.

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Community Programs

Learn and practice with others during live sessions. To safely stay connected, sit together, and support each other, we are currently meeting remotely via Zoom. We warmly invite you to come as you are.

You will be able to subscribe and listen on every major platform.

Practicing Mutual Support and Goodwill

A Generosity-Based Approach

RIM is inspired by the spirit of Dana, an ancient Pali language word that means generosity of heart, mind, and action. Dana promotes a healthier, selfless, caring, and grateful world.

Traditionally, Buddhist nuns and monks offer teachings in the spirit of generosity, while the community supports the teachers and the center to the level of their ability. In this same spirit, RIM and its teachers do not charge any fees or tuition and are supported by the community.

As an alternative to a pay-for-service economics model, RIM embraces a generosity-based model. The RIM community is a living gift made possible by the appreciation, goodwill, and generosity of the kind people inspired to give financial support, volunteer, teach, and support one another.

RIM is a 501(c3) non-profit organization.


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