Starting a Kalyana Mitta Group

Starting a Kalyana Mitta Group is a true act of generosity to yourself and others. On behalf of everyone at RIM —Thank You.

Kalyana Mitta Groups are an excellent way to connect, share, and deepen your meditation and mindful living practice. These groups are structured yet adaptable enough to provide the community with supportive fellowship and opportunities to learn and grow together.

We are here to help you get started, stay rooted in the living dharma, and strengthen RIM's mission and vision. We will support you and the group as it is established, grows, and meets any challenges.

We invite you to go through our step-by-step approach to help you bring the Kalyana Mitta Group to life. It will help ensure that the group will serve both yourself and its members.

Steps for starting a Kalyana Mitta Group:

  1. Take time to mindfully contemplate your intentions and vision for the new Kalyana Mitta Group.
  2. Read the "Guidelines for Starting a Kalyana Mitta Group at RIM"
  3. After considering the key points listed above, please fill out the "Kalyana Mitta Group application."
  4. Then, the Kalyana Mitta Group Coordinator will reach out and help you get your group up and running and open to the RIM community!
  5. Note: If you have already sent your first application in, and you are ready to provide your group's details, please fill out the "Kalyana Mitta Group Details" form.