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Metta Sutta

This version of the Metta Sutta was translated by Jesse Foy. The intention of this version of the Sutta is not meant to be a word for word translation. Rather some liberty was taken to capture the spirit of the Sutta for modern understanding and applied practice.

If you are interested in other translations, consider exploring '20 Translations of the Metta Sutta' compiled by Leigh Brasington.

The Metta Sutta (Loving-Kindness Sutta)

Those stewards of goodness and the way of peace (within themselves and the world) are skillful, upright, honest, open-minded, kind-hearted, and humble.

They are content, easily supported, not overly busy, restrained at the sense doors, careful, modest, and not selfish in relationships.

They are devoted to not causing the slightest harm to themselves or others or acting in ways that a wise and compassionate person may find unwholesome. Their hearts, minds, and actions are compelled in warm, loving, and caring ways. They wish for all beings to be free from harm and to be well and truly happy.

With heartfelt care for all beings — those who are fragile or strong, small or large, without exception.

All those who are seen or not seen, who live near or far, born or unborn —May all beings be free from harm and be well and truly happy.

They are committed to not allowing themselves or others to deceive or despise another person anywhere or anytime. Even when thoughts of anger and disapproval arise, they renunciate any wish of unkindness toward another.

Just as a loving mother protects and supports her only child with her own life. In the same way, they cultivate a boundless heart of loving-kindness towards all beings.

They preserve this heart of loving-kindness towards all beings — above, below, & all around, unhindered and without hostility or hate.

Whether standing, walking, seated, or lying down — as long as they're awake - they develop mindfulness unified with loving-kindness. The wise and compassionate say this is the most elevated way of abiding, here and now.

They are unattached to views rooted in ignorance, and the clinging that arises from desire for conditions to be or not to be. Such a person no longer contributes to the causes and conditions that give birth to suffering within oneself, others, and the world.

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