RIM Voices Mindful Mosaics: Spring 2024

Beginner's Mind

Painting & Poem offered by Nancy Maronn

Gazing restfully, this painting is finished.
I invite myself to linger, enjoy, while slowly taking pause from a conditioned approach.

Warmth rises lazily from the clutches of the wintry snow.

Dark shadows release colors from obscurity.

They lean against each other as the light encourages them to fully express themselves.

The Cardinals, connected by their resolve, find a chosen perch to offer the viewer a vibrant display of their plumage.

A peaceful space emerges revealing the calm synchronicity
existing between what is viewed in the front and what is visible in the distance, both extremes present in the moment.

Perhaps the painting is unfinished.

Perhaps more will be revealed in response to awe and curiosity.

Gazing restfully, I ask myself, Is this the "Beginner's Mind?

Come and see for yourself.

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