"Obviously the dharma is every breath we take, every thought we think, every word we speak, if we do it with awareness and an open, caring heart."

Tenzin Palmo


Take part in an ongoing and in-depth exploration into the essence of traditional teachings and practices known as the "Essential Dharma." The "Essential Dharma" is at the heart of most schools of Buddhism and modern mindfulness-based modalities. The Essential Dharma helps us transform unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that hinder our ability to live with true wisdom, compassion, well-being, happiness, and meaning.

Current Dharma Topic

These sessions explore topics as a series to allow the time and space to integrate these teachings into our practice and life. That said, each session stands on its own, and you can drop in at any time.

Currently, we are exploring the "Six Paramis."

The paramis (Pali), translated as "perfections" or "transcendent virtues," are wholesome ways of being that can be cultivated in meditation practice and daily life. These six perfections help us realize personal liberation, wisdom, and compassion and live in ways that benefit everyone. All are welcome to join at any time.


Every Thursday Morning
9:30-10:30 AM
Online (Zoom)


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