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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new. Is that ok?

Welcome! Absolutely. “Good Morning” meditations are a great way to get started at Rooted in Mindfulness and help you establish a meditation practice.
These sessions are held in “Noble Silence”, allowing you the space to feel comfortable, without any pressure to engage in conversation.

What is Noble Silence?

Noble Silence is a way to support our practice. These sessions help us establish and maintain a daily meditation practice — with the support of others.

Noble Silence allows us to connect with the deeper intentions of our practice: to cultivate greater health, wellbeing, wisdom, and compassion.
These daily sessions provide a steady time and place for us to come together, meditate in silence (with minimal guidance), and begin our day.

Other RIM offerings support and encourage dialogue and questions related to practice. If you have questions about meditation and mindful living, you are warmheartedly invited to participate in those offerings too.

What can I expect during the session?

The format will include short instructions at the beginning of meditation. If you are looking for in-depth teachings and exploring meditation practice, please see additional RIM programs.

It's a bit early ;) Do I need my camera on?

Right, it's early. There is no need to turn your camera on. It's always nice to see you, but stay comfortable. Consider adding a picture of yourself to help nurture a spirit of community.

Every Weekday Morning
6:30-7:00 AM
Online (Zoom)
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