Jeff Heilman


I was introduced to RIM by a friend and attended a few drop-ins in 2015. I found the Sangha to be a gentle and warm co-created environment. However, due to work and life commitments, I didn’t immerse myself fully into the practice.

I am a father to four boys and also a father figure to another (my sons’ half-brother). The tragic loss of one of my sons set me on a path to better understand life and to seek an end to suffering. This journey brought me back to RIM with a renewed commitment to live as a role model for my sons who are grappling with the loss of their brother.

Guided by Jesse’s teachings, I felt a calling to play a more active role in the Sangha, helping it grow and assisting others in their practice. As we do so, we continue to cultivate care and compassion for ourselves and for everyone we encounter in our daily lives.