Nancy Maronn

Seven years ago, when I walked into the Meditation room, I had no clue how that moment would transform my life. It was my first contact with Rooted In Mindfulness. I continued attending the Meditations and teachings unaware of how the practice would influence relationships and creativity.

The refuge of the Buddha nature and my potential has been awakened to the unique purpose in my life; to call forth the authentic self. Curiosity, awe, and playfulness stirs up my desire to paint from the inside out.

The interconnectedness of all beings helps me see the paper, the easel, the soft pastels I hold with my fingers, as part of the whole Universe. The trees, the water, the minerals, the earth, and the light essential for our existence waits to bring forth the image which yearns to be seen.

Creating beauty for others, desiring happiness and peace in the viewers is like Metta practice for me.

My relationship with others has been influenced and changed by wanting happiness for them and myself. May all beings be happy, healthy, safe, and free.

Nancy Maronn: A RIM Community Member since 2017