Nathan Berken

Teaching Council Member, Board Member

Nathan believes we all have the capacity to cultivate greater well-being and happiness. He deeply appreciates the opportunity to learn, practice and share mindfulness within the Rooted in Mindfulness (RIM) community.

Nathan began his practice after first coming to RIM in 2013.  Since that time, he has had the fortunate opportunity to practice more intensively during several silent meditation retreats.  

In his free time, Nathan is an avid student of the Pali Canon, a collection of discourses and teachings from the Theravada Buddhist tradition.  He enjoys reading, studying, practicing, and sharing related to this fascinating, effective, and vast collection.  

As a member of the Teacher Council, Nathan sincerely aspires to help create a learning environment where the practice can become accessible, relatable and life-transforming for all who wish to pursue it.