Silvia Pasquini

Board Member, Volunteer

Silvia Costa Pasquini, Brazilian-born, immigrated to the United States with her husband in 1998. She pursued a Master’s Degree in Integrated Communications: Advertising & Public Relations Management at Florida International University, Miami, FL, graduating with honors in 2001.

She has enjoyed enriching professional opportunities working at Florida International University, The University of Utah and the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Committee. She currently works for Weight Watchers and serves as president of the Elmbrook Parent Network, an organization dedicated to parent education.

In 2014, she started formal Mindfulness meditation practice at Rooted in Mindfulness (RIM) which has been transformational experience impacting all areas of her life. RIM and its growing community have provided a safe and compassionate environment for those seeking a deeper, more authentic and genuine connection with themselves and others. Compassion and generosity are the foundations of RIM.

She is dedicated to alleviating her own suffering by learning to respond with deep intentionality instead of habitual reactivity. She is excited to be a part of RIM and looks forward to expanding the Center’s impact on individuals and communities.