Wendy Peche

Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer

My journey to Rooted in Mindfulness is a beautiful and satisfying path. I started my mindfulness practice at another local Milwaukee sangha. As the world changed during the pandemic, I needed to find a new community to continue learning and practicing. That's when my 2 dear friends, Jamie and Jamshid, told me about RIM, and I'll be forever grateful they did. After the 1st drop-in session, I knew I was "home." The warm, welcoming, and engaging community were where I wanted to grow my practice.

I'm excited and honored to be in this Volunteer Coordinator role, where I hope to build upon the skills I learned in 42 years in healthcare. In my retirement, I am learning about the beautiful world of horses and using acupressure and reiki for healing. Working with horses has taught me to realize the power of my personal energy and the breath as a supportive resource. It has been an incredible integration with my mindfulness practice.

Together with all of you, I look forward to helping RIM achieve its vision of awakening the best within ourselves and co-creating a safe and healthy world.