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As an Audio/Visual Volunteer, you help make RIM's programs accessible to both in-person and virtual community members so that everyone can learn and practice together. Audio/Visual Volunteers manage the cameras and microphones in the meditation hall and ensure that zoom video and audio are accessible to all participants.


The Audio/Visual equipment and procedures have been implemented to be easy to learn and manage. You will be trained to:

  • Arrive 1/2 hour before the relevant offering
  • Turn on and off equipment before and after each meeting
  • Check and ensure all equipment and software is ready for use
  • Control camera views and sound through easy to use software and buttons.
  • Help community members use equipment

Skills, Experience, and Qualities

The Audio/Visual Volunteer position has been designed to be easily fulfilled by anyone who goes through a short training session. The following skills, experience, and qualities are necessary for this role.

  • Able to commit and be punctual
  • Willingness to learn
  • Basic comfort with computers and equipment
  • Ability to do simple troubleshooting
  • Comfort helping others

Special Notes

Audio/Visual Volunteers play an essential role at RIM. Your participation allows RIM to operate as a hybrid center, where members can participate in person and through Zoom. You will be part of a larger team of Audio/Visual Volunteers, each committing to one or more program offerings.

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