Good Morning/Good Evening Meditation Coordinator

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The GM/GE Meditation Coordinator will ensure Community Guides are supported with training and scheduling of daily morning and evening virtual meditation sessions.  


  • Coordinate and organize the general logistics of the GM/GE Meditation program.
  • Manage the Morning and Evening meditation schedule, finding substitutes when needed.
  • Elicit new community volunteers to guide the sessions when needed.
  • Collaborate with Guiding Teacher and Community Guides to onboard new volunteers.
  • Collaborate with Guiding Teacher and Community Guides to support and ensure the intentions of the sessions remain aligned with RIM’s mission and vision.
  • Organize and facilitate quarterly meetings with Community Guides to create a sense of group cohesion and exchange ideas and experiences.

Skills, Experience, and Qualities

  • Invested in cultivating and growing a healthy and diverse RIM community
  • Sensitive to working with people with diverse backgrounds
  • Able to model mindful listening and speaking
  • Able to collaborate well with others
  • Proficient verbal and written communication skills
  • Comfortable with basic computer skills and willingness to learn

Team Collaboration

  • The GM/GE Coordinator is supported by the Guiding Teacher and the Board of Directors. In order to fulfill their responsibilities, the Coordinator may collaborate with the following team members: Support team, Volunteer Coordinator, Newsletter, and other RIM volunteers.

Anticipated Time Commitment and Involvement

  • Position Term: 1 year
  • Time commitment: Varies - When scheduling, average 1 hour per week. Quarterly 1 hour check-ins with Guiding Teacher and Guides. Periodic emails to ensure schedule stability.  
  • Location: Flexible - Rooted In Mindfulness, Zoom, Home.
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Current Volunteers

On behalf of the entire RIM community, we offer our deepest gratitude to the following members for volunteering for this position. Your goodwill and caring effort helps to create a healthy Sangha for all of us.

Sara Neall

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