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As a Greeter volunteer, you help fellow community members and visitors feel welcome, safe, comfortable and supported at RIM's in-person offerings. Greeters also help prepare the meditation and community room spaces to create a clean and supportive environment. Most offerings will have a team of two greeters/openers.


  • Opens and readys the community room, and meditation hall for community participants.
  • Welcomes current members and visitors as they arrive to the Center.
  • Offers direction for new people to the Meditation and Community Rooms, restrooms, tea & snack area, library, information area, etc.
  • Answers any questions and concerns related to RIM, its offerings, practice of dana, etc.
  • Helps support those with specific needs, i.e., listening devices, seating, etc.

Skills, Experience, and Qualities

  • Commit to arrive at least 30 minutes before a class or event.
  • Openness to learning about stewardship and make it an embodied personal practice while volunteering.
  • Openness to learning how to help participants understand and embody the shared values and best practices related to learning and practicing as a community.
  • A friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental attitude.
  • Able and willing to collaborate with others for the benefit of the entire RIM community.


  • Term: at least 6 months
  • Time Commitment: As needed for chosen offering

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