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Help fellow community members deepen their learning and practice with supportive books, magazines, and other resources. The RIM Library is a resource for the community, given by the generosity of the community. The Librarian manages and organizes the Rooted in Mindfulness Lending Library for the community.


  • Maintaining the organization of books in alphabetical order by author
  • Managing donated Dharma and/or Mindfulness based books by placing RIM Label inside cover and shelving
  • Placing donated books that are not directly related to Mindfulness/Meditation/Dharma in “To Be Reviewed” basket in the Community Room office for Guiding Teacher approval
  • Reshelving returned books
  • Cares for the presentation and cleanliness of the Library shelves

Skills, Experience, and Qualities

  • Interested in organization and attention to detail
  • Interest in supporting the growth of knowledge for RIM Community

Team Collaboration

  • Checks in with: Board of Directors, Guiding Teacher

Anticipated Time Commitment and Involvement

  • Position Term: At least one-year commitment
  • Time commitment: Approximately 1 hour per week
  • Location: At Rooted in Mindfulness
Volunteer Today

Current Volunteers

On behalf of the entire RIM community, we offer our deepest gratitude to the following members for volunteering for this position. Your goodwill and caring effort helps to create a healthy Sangha for all of us.

Chawki Belhadi
Katie Salatto

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